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My Promise

You will not be just a number anymore. Every skin will be treated as if it was my personal trophy! I will always remain a small tanner, focused on quality and not quanity. 

Done RIGHT every time!

I will personally shave and tan your skins. The piece of mind you have searched for! Consistent quality every time you open a Young's return order! No greasy skins, torn ears, or skins with parts missing. Attention to detail is the norm, not the exception! Don't be fooled by those high prices! I can deliver a better product for less, and I CAN PROVE IT! I reserve the right to send back ANY poorly fleshed skins, at the expense of the Taxidermist. COD You get one bite at this apple. This happening a second time, will mean the future refusal of your business! 

You Know The Name!

Aubrey Young-Tanning for decades, but no longer working for someone else! Receive the experience and dedication your mounts deserve, without paying an arm and leg! I have also created two paint-on tans for Taxidermist's that have been selling for years, with great success. With that being said, the majority of my competition can't even come close to my knowledge of Taxidermy tanning! I have intentions of really taking care of my customers, and developing long term friends in the process. So call soon and get in on the ground floor of this outstanding operation! I will never forget those who help me grow!

Contact Us

Drop us a line or call for a pricelist!

Young's Fur Dressing

507 Somerset dr, Zebulon, NC 27597, us

(919) 269-2254


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: Closed

I will be open for business on 9/1/2017

Young's-decades of experience

Your Bottom Line

 Any way I can find to cut overhead, and pass the savings on to the Taxidermist, I'm going to do it! Fancy websites, glossy fold-out price lists, etc, will NEVER be purchased here.  Even as I grow, my constant focus will be low overhead, and FAIR prices passed on to you, the Taxidermist. My prices are lowered to offset the beginning shipping rates I will probably be charged. I will always remain lower than most of the ridiculous rates being charged by the BIG operations. In order to show a small thanks to our military, ALL active and past service members will alway's be given a 5% discount on orders over $200!

My Facillity

I have a small facillity, but, I will have the safeguards of a large company. All skins are stored in a climate controlled enviroment. A complete fire and theft security system is in place. If thats not enough, I am carrying a $1,000,000 insurance policy to replace skins that are damaged due to acts of God, fire, or theft. I am fully permitted, and my waste water is monitored. Young's retains all local and state business licenses, and will always remain an Eco-friendly facility.

A new way of doing business

I will ALWAYS remain available to my customers! No jumping from person to person to check on the progress of your skins. Every single evening, I will set aside time to make call-backs. I understand that you have other choices. Big or small, I want to help you grow with CONSISTANT SKIN QUALITY! Young's wholesale tanning will always be for the REAL Taxidermist! I will require proof of business. Any non-Taxidermist will be charged an additional 150% of list price. Trappers will be required to show a active/valid  trappers license for their state.